NeinSports – honest views on the world of sports. No clickbait. Just proper banter. Mostly football, sometimes other.

Who I am
My name is Julian Foernbacher. I’m a university student and freelance journalist from Switzerland. On this blog, I want to share my personal views on the beautiful world of sports.

Tend to get satirical after a few beers, so don’t take me too seriously on here. If you happen to find any grammatical mistakes please be reminded that I’m not a native speaker and bear with me. However, feedback is always appreciated.

Why is it called NeinSports?
As I’m a German speaker, I often see myself confronted with jokes and banter about my accent. (Nein, Bratwurst, wunderbar – you know what I mean). Now that I want to provide funny, catchy content on here I see the colleagues from 9gag (at least in their beginning) as a sort of role model.

So why not already making fun out of my accent in the blog title and adapting the name a tiny bit? In my opinion, you need to be able to laugh about yourself, before targeting others with satire or jokes – so that’s what NeinSports is trying to do. That being said: Sauerkraut and enjoy the posts!