Say goodbye to the Wednesday Shortlist – and welcome the video of the week! (Week 1: Hilarious defender fail from England)

Hi everyone! I hope you’re doing amazing. Spring is finally coming and that makes it necessary to do some proper spring cleaning. Also on this blog. I have recieved some criticism concerning the Wednesday Shortlists and the way there was one every week.

Now I’ve decided that quality should come before quantity. Hence, the Wednesday Shortlist will be put aside, however I will from time to time post some entertaining listicles with some proper banter in it.

But since I want to stay in touch with all of you at least once every week, I’ve decided to introduce a new category: The Video of the Week.

In this category I will introduce to you, probably every Wednesday again, the most hillarious sports video that crossed my path in the last week. And when does this new category start? Today!

Video of the week: Woking FC defender produces hilarious fail that makes his team lose the game in 94th minute

The first video of the week comes right from the motherland of football. And it represents the absolute beauty of lower league football. Woking FC was playing Macclesfield Town at home in England’s National League that is the 5th tier of the coutry. Everyone was expecting a 2:2-draw as we were deep in stoppage time alread. But then Joey Jones, a Woking defender, produced the fail of the season and let the visitors sneak away a 2:3-victory when he turned away from a ball that he believed to go in but that was stuck in the mud actually, allowing the opposition to score the late winner from a ball that he could easily havecleared away.

Remember what every youth coach used to tell you in your early years of playing football? „Focus your eyes on the ball!“ Well, Joey Jones probably won’t forget that anytime soon again.

Watch for yourself:

Here’s another view of the bizarre goal:

What do you think about the new category? Will you miss the Wednesday Shortlists? Let us know your opinion in the comment section!

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