Pun of the Year: Scottish Football Team Names his Mascot „Lionel Nessi“

Is there anything more Scottish than Irn Bru and the Monster of Loch Ness? I hardly doubt it.

Now when you see a picture that contains both, the legendary fizzy drink that will cure the worst hangovers you could imagine (just a little advice from me) and the legendary creature supposedly living in a deep, black lake in the form of life size football mascots, you know the story is gonna be lit.

And this one definitely is. The story is coming straight out of Inverness, the city next to the world famous Loch Ness and the castle from which MacBeth brutally used to rule his kingdom. Inverness also has got a football team: Inverness Caledonian Thistle, currently ranked 7th in the second Scottish division. And Inverness Caledonian Thistle just happened to get a new mascot.

A Mascot that has been named after a suggestion from season ticket holders Bob and Kath Fraser and that has been introduced at last week’s final of the Irn Bru Scottish Challenge Cup against Dumbarton FC.

The mascot that resembles some sort of reptile has received the brilliantly punny name of Lionel Nessi, combining the local mystical creature and the mystical creature from Argentina that is known as the best footballer to ever be seen on earth.

Gotta love the Scottish humor. And it’s not even entirely unrelated, as the shirt of Inverness Caledonian Thistle somehow reminds us of the one worn by the players of the blaugrana from Barcelona.

Up until now, Lionel Nessi seems to have brought a slight touch of Messi-magic into the stadium, leading Inverness to a cup victory against Dumbarton and a streak of four undefeated games (3 victories).

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