Video of the week: Uruguayan Goalkeeper has to Borrow Shirt From Fan

What sounds like a story from your local Sunday League team has actually happened last week in Uruguay’s Premier Division: While warming up for the game against Progreso, Penarol keeper Kevin Dawson realised that somehow there was no match short for him. Either himself or someone from the staff must have forgotten to pack it for the away game.

Luckily, a supporter in the stands was wearing a replica goalkeeper-shirt and went on borrowing his kit to the goalkeeper, receiving a Penarol jacket from the bench in return.

After the referee allowed this  unusual shirt swap, the game was set to go. And apparently the fan’s shirt proved to be a lucky charm for Dawson and Penarol, as they were able to keep a clean sheet and ed up winning the game 1:0.

Penarol is still well positioned in the fight for the national crown, being ranked 2nd after 14 rounds.

In order to maintain this position after the clash with Progreso, they really had to count on their „12th man“ this time.

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