Video of the Week: Only in Russia – a Brown Bear Being Used as Ball Kid.

Nastrovje! This week’s video of the week is proudly presented to you by mother Russia. To be precise, by the third Russian football division and the game between Mashuk KMV and FC Angusht Nazran where probably the most Russian thing ever has been pulled off.

Instead of having the referee or some lucky kids presenting the match-ball for this football game, they came up with another idea and used a tamed brown bear for this job instead. Wow.

In footage that is going viral currently, the bear can be seen walking into the stadium simply accompanied by one brave guy. Obviously he doesn’t need anything like a leash, as that would obviously be not what you’d expect from your average fierce Russian dude. After arriving in front of the seats the bear starts to act like a proper mascot and claps with the crowd. It is then handed the ball and passes it on to the referee.

See for yourself: The Russian Bear Ball Kid in Action

YouTube / Fontanka Ru

The scene is, however, rather unfunny after all and doesn’t only upset animal right activists. Also I believe that this isn’t the treatment this animal deserves and that the whole project is highly questionable and should – obviously – not be done. I mean, if the bear would be in his natural, free spirit he’d never act tame like that.

Still, I decided to pick this scene as video of the week, since I do find it absolutely strange and hence noteworthy. Especially, when you take into consideration what unconfirmed reports spread through the internet about this scene. According to them, this scene could have been a rehearsal for the World Cup opening ceremony in Russia this summer. And that’s what makes it even more strange. A brown bear opening the World Cup? Only in Russia.

What do you think? Is this a funny way of changing the ball kid game or is it animal abuse that should be stopped immediately? Share your opinion in the comment section below!

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